take the chapstick, put it on your lips.

10 03 2008

I love old men. There. I said it.

I woke up this morning in with an astonishing realization that I had been dreaming all night of… yes. Malcom McDowell. and no, not the young scumcious version from his previous roles such as in Clockwork Orange or Oh, Lucky Man. Heroes instead.

..now that I think about it, I have had dreams like this before with other elderly individuals.

Ben Kingsley. Mic Jager. Paul McCartney.

Whats wrong with me?! Alana. Root of all my problems. Started with that damn picture of the old man eating yogurt in our locker. And listening to her ritual sweet talking him every morning before class. *shakes fist*

So we just skirt the hallway sides
A phantom and a fly
Follow the lines and wonder why
There’s no connection”




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