they have arrived.

11 03 2008

Meteors falling in Parry Sound? Ridiculous. Even more ridiculous? Astronomers from the University of Western Ontario want residents to go scouring around their neighbourhoods looking for the “possibly kilogram” sized rocks.

Now, do these “scientists” realize where Parry Sound is? Way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. IF the residents DO find a real meteorite you know they are going to be holding that shit for ransom.

NOTE (Written on the back of a cigarette pack btw):
“Sci fi ppl. I have your rock in my frezzer. If u want it I want a case of Canadian and a Brian Adams cd sant to my hoose.”

And then you KNOW there are going to be the people who pick up any old rock and try to convince all of their friends that its from space.

“but i told ya Cletus…its a real darn moon rock. Ya know, like from space and shit. Ill trade it to ya for your pontoon boat!”

Worst of all is going to be that one “lucky” individual who does find the rock, gives it back to Professor Brown (read the article below) then sues him in 2 years when he unexpectedly gets cancer. *shakes head*

Does anyone else find this all a bit odd?

Its moments like this I believe Canadians deserve the horrible stereotypes bestowed upon us.




2 responses

11 03 2008

Best one yet. Nice job.

12 03 2008

uhhh actually its Bryan Adams not Brian…. Brian Adams was a wrestler/soccer coach/race walker(wtf?)/photographer even an aussie knows that one ya poof….. wait does that give away my “Anonymous” identity.. shiit

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