26 03 2008

Dad guilty of putting baby in microwave

Wednesday Mar 26 11:17

AP – A young father has been convicted of badly injuring his infant daughter by putting her in a microwave in a Texas hotel room, with jurors rejecting his claim he was insane at the time.


What is this world coming to? First I read a story today about a circus in Italy which tortured two sisters. One, who was 16, was thrown into a tank full of flesh eating Piranhas for viewers enjoyment, while the other sister who was 19 was placed in a tank and had snakes thrown at her! Next I read a story about a father in the states which beat his 17 month old daughter to death after she accidentally caused his Xbox to fall and break. Now this story?

Personally I have always been a proponent of abolishing the death penalty, however these last few stories have provided an opportunity for reflection. The result? I still agree we are no worse then them if we take a life ourselves; its not our place to do so no matter how brutal the crime.

What should be reinstated is medieval forms of torture. Screw putting these rapists, pedophiles, serial killers and other psychotic criminals behind bars to live a life to solitude; reading books, getting an education, watching television even! The state of certain prisons are far to leisurely and accommodating for what these people deserve. I know, this is pretty harsh, but how can you feel otherwise after hearing about a man putting his baby daughter in a microwave! Here are a few “suggestions”…

Judas Cradle – The Judas Cradle is a very painful torture. The victim was seated on a triangular-shaped seat where he or she was slowly impaled.
Coffin Torture – The coffin torture – a very cruel medieval device where the victim was locked for hours or longer.
The Brazen Bull – The brazen bull was a terrible torture device used in ancient Greece and throughout the Middle Ages.
The Rack Torture – The rack is commonly referred as the most painful medieval torture of them all.
The Water Torture – There were many ways to punish a victim with the use of water. This article explains the most common forms of such torture.
Exposure – A terrible torture that was often deadly. The exposure was a method used all around medieval Europe. The sentence depended on the crime.
The Chair of Torture – A striking instrument, the Chair was widely used throughout medieval Europe and beyond. It’s origins are not clear, but the truth remains: This is one of the most painful and psychologically striking tortures ever devised by the human mind.
The Pear of Anguish – A very painful torture applied almost exclusively on witches, liars, blasphemers and homosexuals.
The Rat Torture – Rats were used for torture. They were free, available and painful if known how to use.
The Breast Ripper – A very cruel form of torture was the Breast Ripper. A variant, The Spider, was similarly painful and frequently fatal.
The Head Crusher – The head crusher was a psychologically striking instrument that was mainly used to extract confessions.
Saw Torture – The Saw was a humiliating and painful torture available everywhere.
The Virgin of Nuremberg (The Maiden) – The Maiden, also known as the Virgin of Nuremberg, was a torture device that consisted of a coffin with the face of a maiden full of spikes on every wall.
The Spanish Tickler – A terrible torture used to tear a victim’s flesh apart. It was commonly used in Spain.
Garrotte Torture – The Garrotte was mostly used for executions and was very frequently used in Spain, hence its name.
Flagellation (Whipping) – Describes the act of flagellation or whipping. Its use was very common in Ancient Rome, but it was stil a favorite form of punishment during the Middle Ages.
The Wheel Torture (Breaking Wheel) – The Wheel torture was a very painful form of capital punishment. Death could be prolonged to a day or more.
Foot Roasting – Foot roasting was used in the Middle Ages to extract confessions. The Templar Knights, among many other orders, were tortured with this same method.
Burning at the Stake – Being burned at the stake was a terrible way to die. It could take several hours for death to occur and the causes of death were diverse.
Thumbscrew Torture – A painful torture mostly used to extract confessions before moving to more painful torture methods.
The Heretics Fork – A painful torture used to restrain a victim. It was used throughout the Middle Ages, but it reached its peak during the Spanish Inquisition.
Flaying Torture – A very old and painful method that consists of “skinning” a person alive.
Lead Sprinkler – The lead sprinkler was used to torture victims by pouring molten metals in different parts of their body.
Knee Splitter – Used for destroying body parts, the knee splitter was a terrifying torture device that could even bring death.
The Spanish Spider – A variant of the breast ripper, the Spanish Spider is an instrument capable of mutilating a woman’s breasts.
Pillory Torture – A mild form of punishment, the pillory was frequently used in the medieval world.

…just joking! There all abit harsh. Perhaps force them to listen to Britney Spears or Barbra Streisand on repeat… 24/7. Don’t let them shower, decay in their own filth. Solitary confinement… permanently. Prison rape? What? I didn’t see anything happen….



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