Comic-Movie mashup overload!

25 06 2008

I’ll lay it right on the table to start. Im a nerd. Not only am I aware, but I embrace this element of my personality. I feel the need to announce this fact in order to prevent the numerous comments I expect to recieve labelling me as so. Beat you to the punch.

Ive seen many good comic book movie crossovers lately… Batman begins, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk to name a few. Those films in combination with my endless obsession with movie blogs and overall buzz snooping has me fixed on the edge of my seat for the many more adaptations on the brink of production/being announced/released.

The Dark Knight – the endless stream of viral marketing has kept me quite occupied throughout the last year
The Green Hornet – Seth Rogan as Britt Reid. Pure genius. Only question is if I can wait until 2010!
Wolverine – X-Men Origins… or whatever. Doesn’t matter. All that does it Hugh vs Liev, tres exciting!
Hellboy 2 – Ill admit, I cant even recall what happens in the first one. Guillermo del Toro is why I will watch.
Watchmen – Get a glimpse of the limited production photos released. Looks like great casting!   
Justice League – casting is not up to date/limited. Hopefully they release head to head with the Avengers!
The Avengers – Breakdown HERE
Hancock – Will Will be an 8-hit wonder?
Gi Joe – Alot of big names are cast. Brendan Fraser, Sienna Miller, Chanum Tatum. High expectations!
The Spirit – Yes, its based of a graphic novel. Yes, very similar feel to Sin City. Samuel L Jackson in Comic book movie number #546781
Wanted – This ones going to kill the box office. Hopefully its success convinces Ange to sign onto Sin City 2!

And then there are those others which should be halted in their tracks:

The Sub – Mariner; a glorified-jacked up-merman-aquaman ripoff
Shazam! – Captin Marvel is a lame version of Superman. The rock (sorry Dwayne Johnson) as the villain, who would have thought! haha.
Luke Cage – Tyrese Gibsonas a superhero? God help us.
Thor – umm… great idea for a member of The Avengers… not so much as a solo.
The Green Lantern – The writer’s credits include Dawsons Creek. Enough said.
Ant-Man – Could this be made as anything but a comedy? Although, if Simon Pegg plays Hank it would surely be a home run!
Spiderman 4 – Enough is enough.

Wanna know more? Did I miss a film? Want to see production photos, hear spoilers, casting, or online buzz? Im your resource (OR you could just use! Message me or comment and ill send you a gagle of links.

Have an opinion of your own? Comment and share!




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