Trailer Update!

25 06 2008

Im wayyy behind on posting some ex-cell-ent-ee trailers for some good flicks coming out. Enjoy. Hopefully I’ll have more time to post them as I find them. Not post them 2 months later after most people have seen them and the movie is about to be released. How not cool is that? 

Burn-After-Reading – case and point. Red Band (R-rated) trailer.
Step Brothers – Red Band.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button– There is Oscar buzz already!
Fringe – (TV) New JJ Abrams show. Filmed in Toronto. I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of the crew/producers!
The Wackness _ I heart Ben Kingsley.
Son of Rambow – Already in theatres, but a must see!
Pineapple Express – Looks like another Judd Aptaow hit with Seth Rogan!
The Visioneers – Quirky hit or miss.





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