Comic-Movie mashup overload!

25 06 2008

I’ll lay it right on the table to start. Im a nerd. Not only am I aware, but I embrace this element of my personality. I feel the need to announce this fact in order to prevent the numerous comments I expect to recieve labelling me as so. Beat you to the punch.

Ive seen many good comic book movie crossovers lately… Batman begins, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk to name a few. Those films in combination with my endless obsession with movie blogs and overall buzz snooping has me fixed on the edge of my seat for the many more adaptations on the brink of production/being announced/released.

The Dark Knight – the endless stream of viral marketing has kept me quite occupied throughout the last year
The Green Hornet – Seth Rogan as Britt Reid. Pure genius. Only question is if I can wait until 2010!
Wolverine – X-Men Origins… or whatever. Doesn’t matter. All that does it Hugh vs Liev, tres exciting!
Hellboy 2 – Ill admit, I cant even recall what happens in the first one. Guillermo del Toro is why I will watch.
Watchmen – Get a glimpse of the limited production photos released. Looks like great casting!   
Justice League – casting is not up to date/limited. Hopefully they release head to head with the Avengers!
The Avengers – Breakdown HERE
Hancock – Will Will be an 8-hit wonder?
Gi Joe – Alot of big names are cast. Brendan Fraser, Sienna Miller, Chanum Tatum. High expectations!
The Spirit – Yes, its based of a graphic novel. Yes, very similar feel to Sin City. Samuel L Jackson in Comic book movie number #546781
Wanted – This ones going to kill the box office. Hopefully its success convinces Ange to sign onto Sin City 2!

And then there are those others which should be halted in their tracks:

The Sub – Mariner; a glorified-jacked up-merman-aquaman ripoff
Shazam! – Captin Marvel is a lame version of Superman. The rock (sorry Dwayne Johnson) as the villain, who would have thought! haha.
Luke Cage – Tyrese Gibsonas a superhero? God help us.
Thor – umm… great idea for a member of The Avengers… not so much as a solo.
The Green Lantern – The writer’s credits include Dawsons Creek. Enough said.
Ant-Man – Could this be made as anything but a comedy? Although, if Simon Pegg plays Hank it would surely be a home run!
Spiderman 4 – Enough is enough.

Wanna know more? Did I miss a film? Want to see production photos, hear spoilers, casting, or online buzz? Im your resource (OR you could just use! Message me or comment and ill send you a gagle of links.

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Pokemon/Digimon?! 1-18-08 Clues!!!

23 08 2007


So it seems that more facts are trickling onto the web regarding this secret JJ Abrams Project….

As of today, (with some help) I stumbled upon… related to
According to this website, the owner claims his domain name was taken away to facilitate for the new slusho site made by the creators of 1-18-08. Slusho was supposed to be filled with plot clues for the new movie, and after further investigation (read the history link) it seems that the web site is hinting to a monster coming from the arctic.

…As well… the web site mentions that you cant just drink six… and many blogging sites are claiming this has to do with some sort of parisite/human host aspect of the movie…

This is all very interesting but what I found MOST interesting is how one commentor in particular comments on the movies connection to Pokemon/Digimon though the game developers and the new web site creators. HILARIOUS to say the least.

Yes, JJ Abrams has said that this movie is not a remake… but what if its Godzilla VS this new monster… or this new monster PLUS a new aspect (loosely based on the film below.)

Over and out, will keep ya posted! Excited yet? I do think so!

1:18 – I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

18:8 – Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. breakdown site Read the history section and make your own flavours. related? Uncertain read post 10 and 19


JJ Abrams Secret Project

21 08 2007

Cloverfield/1-18-08/Secret JJ Abrams Project/Monsterous??

monsterous.jpgmonsterous.jpgMovie enthusiasts were treated before the movie Transformers to a brief glimpse of what has become one of the largest internet phenomenons since buzz about Snakes on a Plane began to build. (Trailer -> Fortunately or unfortunately for us, JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias, MI 3) has a great track record as an innovative director… and has not let ONE plot point be leaked. So in a nutshell, the only thing known about this movie is that A) its mostly filmed through a first person shakey video camera (similar to Blair Witch Project) B) has no A or B list actors on the reel C) and is about “something” terrorizing New York City.

There have been a few developments made online regarding the movie, such as a young fan claiming to have found a secret movie poster for the film in an unknown comic book store (naming the movie “Monsterous”), that the film is basedon a team of rescue workers who find a camera after New York City is destroyed. Additionally, its been discussed that the film is about the three major monsters from the old testiment (water, earth and air), or that it even may be the new Godzilla sequel!

No one knows for sure, however JJ Abrams has cleverly left clues for die hard fans scattered all over the internet (remanisant of the Lost Experience! Coincidence? I think not.)

Hopefully more news will trickle onto the net in the months to come, otherwise we all are going to have to grind out teeth, wait patiently for January 18th, and just hope that we all havent been psyching ourselves out for a major dissapointment.