Dimitri the lover

27 06 2008

REAL voicemail left for some poor woman!

Dimitri, Dimitri, Dimitri. I am ashamed that I have to share this fine city of Toronto with skum like you. Even though you have now provided millions of people with a good giggle, it doesnt change the fact you should be burned on the stake. To think I was at Rancho Relaxo last night and perhaps shared the same air to breath as you discusts me.

Ladies, please listen to the voicemails and read the articles below.
Men, take note. If you ever see a REAL MAN poster for a convention downtown – Dont go. But if you do… please take pictures. Im curious to see what this slime ball really looks like.




FOLLOW UP: His real name is James Sears. Here is another article about this shaddy practices from CTV

Ive also attached some of his “quotes” from his website as a comment on this post. They are soooo crude I didn’t want them right out in the open. *shudder*

Oh yeah, and he also goes by the name “Joseph the Lover”


Hilarious Mr. Lube Commercial

26 06 2008

Hopefully SOME people (cough – Alana) will understand now what i’m spoofing when I go “whats on my head?!” and hit my sunglasses onto the floor!

RockNRolla Trailer

26 06 2008

I love Guy Richie, you love Guy Richie. Who doesn’t LOVE Guy Richie. Directorial brilliance. I bet he pisses brilliance. And only goes wee wee on a gold toilet. If not now he will be soon, seeing how his soon to be divorce to Madonna will be a dirty bare-knuckle fight.

Its reported that Madonna has just hired Paul McCartney’s lawyer from his recent Heather Mills split.
One point Madonna.
However Guy never signed a prenup.
100 million points for Guy!

Like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? (When you dance with the devil, you wait for the song to stop.)
Perhaps better known Snatch? (In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary… come again?)
Your going to cream your pants over this one.

Ya I’m lude and crude. What you gunna do about it?

Who’s That Hiding In My Fox 5 News Logo?

25 06 2008

“The more familiar we are with people, faces, colors, geometrical shapes, odors, foods, and many other things, the more we like them (for a review, see Bornstein 1989). Robert Zajonc termed this phenomenon the mere exposure effect to indicate that the mere repeated exposure to an object suffices to increase one’s liking for it (Zajonc 1968). It now appears that mere exposure to an object is especially likely to increase liking for that object when people are unaware of this exposure (Bornstein 1989; Bornstein and D’Agostino 1992). More on IntelStrike


Trailer Update!

25 06 2008

Im wayyy behind on posting some ex-cell-ent-ee trailers for some good flicks coming out. Enjoy. Hopefully I’ll have more time to post them as I find them. Not post them 2 months later after most people have seen them and the movie is about to be released. How not cool is that? 

Burn-After-Reading – case and point. Red Band (R-rated) trailer.
Step Brothers – Red Band.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button– There is Oscar buzz already!
Fringe – (TV) New JJ Abrams show. Filmed in Toronto. I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of the crew/producers!
The Wackness _ I heart Ben Kingsley.
Son of Rambow – Already in theatres, but a must see!
Pineapple Express – Looks like another Judd Aptaow hit with Seth Rogan!
The Visioneers – Quirky hit or miss.



24 08 2007


Lego machine which builds Lego cars!
Note: Video takes forever, but well worth it in the end.

TomBoy – Pop Star

24 08 2007

Tomboy – Its Ok 2 b Gay

Love this Big Brother winner/drag queen/popstar from Denmark!