Dimitri the lover

27 06 2008

REAL voicemail left for some poor woman!

Dimitri, Dimitri, Dimitri. I am ashamed that I have to share this fine city of Toronto with skum like you. Even though you have now provided millions of people with a good giggle, it doesnt change the fact you should be burned on the stake. To think I was at Rancho Relaxo last night and perhaps shared the same air to breath as you discusts me.

Ladies, please listen to the voicemails and read the articles below.
Men, take note. If you ever see a REAL MAN poster for a convention downtown – Dont go. But if you do… please take pictures. Im curious to see what this slime ball really looks like.




FOLLOW UP: His real name is James Sears. Here is another article about this shaddy practices from CTV

Ive also attached some of his “quotes” from his website as a comment on this post. They are soooo crude I didn’t want them right out in the open. *shudder*

Oh yeah, and he also goes by the name “Joseph the Lover”


42 Gladstone

24 08 2007


42 Gladstone, Toronto. Hours: 3am-7am

42 is not a regular glamorous after-hours club… It’s more of a lounge/warehouse. The music is usually house, spun by local DJs, but occasionally bigger-name acts drop surprise sets after their legitimate gigs.

Located at 42 Gladstone Avenue just above West Queen West, west side of Gladstone, has no sign out front. Patrons will not see tell-tale security staff, excess furniture or no smoking signs. “You walk in and you see a bunch of people partying, It’s like, crazy loud house music. Everyone’s really having a good time. It’s not your average club, where people are standing around worrying about who’s looking at who. Everyone’s just sort of enjoying themselves.”

“If it wasn’t for this kind of place, I don’t think many people working in this business would have a social life…I know I wouldn’t,” – bartender Zane Aburaneh

Bistro 422

21 08 2007


422 College Street, Toronto Hours: 4pm-2am

“The Bistro is an ideal bar for casual gatherings, especially for those low on cash. A narrow, small-sized basement bar with just enough tables and chairs lining the walls, Bistro 422 can be a little cramped in winter, but it’s worth it for the laid-back environment and inexpensive draft. Their notorious house draft is less than $10 per pitcher, so this is not the place for individuals looking for upscale beer. However, for those after a relaxed, no-frills bar with charmingly surly servers, an eclectic, fun clientele, and constant old school punk rock on the stereo, this is the place. Along with pitchers, Bistro 422 serves beer by the bottle and pint, and also offers a number of simple mixed drinks and various shots like “Slippery Nipples.”

CHEAP beer, JUGS of mixed drinks or margaritas for 10 bucks?! 1.75 shots? You cant go wrong! Bitchy bartender though and not to appealing to the eyes.

The Underground Garage

20 08 2007


365 King Street West, Toronto (Peter and King) Hours: 10pm-2am


“We’re not going to tell you that it’s the most glamorous establishment in Toronto. Nor are we going to tempt your curiosity with reports of light-shows, line-ups and big-chested bartenders.We are a bar, a tavern, a pub. There are no fancy gimmicks to lure you in. We offer great Rock ‘n’ Roll music, powered through our no-nonsense sound system, bottles of brew chilled to 1°C, and the best customer base….anywhere!”

Best Crowded/Smelly/Sweaty/Rock and Roll dive in the city!

John’s Italian Caffe

20 08 2007


27 Baldwin Street, Toronto Hours: 11am-11pm.wd/2am.we


“Nestled away in the heart of the Baldwin Street Village, John’s Italian Caffe has been delighting its loyal customers since 1981. Featuring delicious home-cooked meals of designer pizza, delectable pasta and classic sandwiches, as well as a host of Italian wines and specialty coffees, the restaurant offers a cozy and comfortable ambience and a bustling summer patio.”

Best meal EVER – Goat Cheese and sundried tomato bruschetta/Pesto, mozzarella, red peppers, ricotta, black olives pizza/Homemade Tiramisu/Pinot Grigio